Helen’s Homestay

Several years ago, I caught wind of the fact that an English language school out in the countryside, in Tryon, Prince Edward Island, was closing its doors. So I decided to go out and interview the owner and ask if it would be okay for me to film a class. This is the result.

This little featurette will likely end up as a DVD extra on the current and ongoing “Anne of Japan” project, mainly because it’s old by the technological standards of video now, but also because it captures a moment in the history of the Japanese presence on PEI that passed some time ago. Also, there’s a snippet of the song “Ice Cream” from the “Anne of Green Gables” musical that might create a legal hassle if I were to include it in the main program. In this case, I didn’t impose the track on the video. It was captured incidentally, owing to the fact that the teacher had the song playing on a small CD player while I was filming the class making ice cream.

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