Promotional Video from Canadian World Theme Park, Ashibetsu

Last month I was in Toronto and visited with Erin Joy Stanfield, who worked at Canadian World theme park in Ashibetsu during the 1990s. At that time, the park was eager to hire girls from Prince Edward Island to play the roles of Anne, Diana, Gilbert and Miss Stacy. Also, jugglers. She’s got a lot of good stories about working there.

And she handed me a couple of old VHS tapes, which I promised to digitize and bring back. As you can see, the 1990s already look like the 1970s as far as video quality is concerned. All the same, this is a small snapshot of what Canadian World was like at its peak, when there were plenty of visitors. There’s a couple hours of footage on these tapes, including some news reports from Sapporo TV featuring Canadian World. More about those later. In the meantime, enjoy the trip back in time.

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